Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coco & Bark?

We’re a pet company that understands that pets are family. We’re committed to improving our furry friends’ lives with high-quality, practical, and stylish pet accessories. We source only the best materials to ensure that every product is functional, fashionable, and unique. We offer a wide range of accessories to suit every pet's personality and style, from pet beds and leashes to toys and more.

Where is Coco & Bark based?

Coco & Bark is headquartered in San Francisco with a brilliant team of humans, cats, dogs and more spread across the United States.

Who runs Coco & Bark?

We’re a dedicated team of pet parents who came together after realizing that finding high quality, function pet accessories was more difficult than it should be. And, we decided to change that. We want to make our pets as happy as they make us!

Can I share photos of my Coco & Bark Products?

Yes! You can check out our reviews page here as well as our Instagram page for lots of photos of happy customers. Tag @cocoandbark or #cocoandbark for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page. We love our community as much as it loves us!

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